IoT Forecasts


The IoT Forecast Database provides a comprehensive guide to the IoT market opportunity worldwide and is one of seven Research Streams available in our Advisory Service.

Use the tool below to access the entirety of Machina Research’s core Forecast Database by simply selecting the regions and countries, the years, the segments and applications and finally the metrics you would like to know. Click "Generate Now!" and the data you requested will be presented as a downloadable excel document. 

For more details on the forecast database please see details of the IoT Forecast Database Research Stream. We also have a parallel set of forecasts of the market potential for Low Power Wide Area technologies, which are accessible here.

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IoT Forecasts Methodology

Our IoT forecasts for the IoT opportunity are comprised of two different forecast elements:

  • IoT Applications, which we forecast bottom-up on a detailed market-by-market and application-by-application basis.
  • IoT Services, for which we forecast revenues top-down, and allocate to different applications and markets.

IoT Forecasts - Applications

The Internet of Things is incredibly diverse. There are hundreds of different use cases, each with different dynamics. Machina Research’s starting point is to segment the market. We start with 8 major Sectors: Car, Cities, Health, Industry, Home, Business, Energy, and Consumer Electronics. Each of those Sectors breaks down into a number of Application Groups. In total there are 58 Application Groups. Each of those Application Groups break down into a number of separate applications. In total across all 8 sectors and Application Groups, we examine around 200 separate applications. It is at this application level that we generate our IoT forecasts.

IoT Forecasts - Services

Machina Research publishes IoT forecasts that reflect the true scale of the IoT opportunity. In addition to covering numbers of connected devices and also the commercial opportunities flowing from those connected devices and associated services, we also include categories of IoT revenue such as:

  • Project work, including work by systems integrators and strategy consultancies
  • Platforms and middleware, including middleware and all platform activities other than connectivity support
  • Applications, including application provision and hosting and application development
  • Data monetisation, including API monetisation, and sales of data and IoT services

Further information on the methodology for the IoT Forecasts is available here.

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