LPWA Forecasts

Using the tool below you can access the entirety of Machina Research's LPWA Forecast Database. Simply select the regions and countries, the years, the segments and applications and finally the metrics you would like to know. Then select "Generate Now!" and the data you requested will be presented as a downloadable excel document. .

This is a forecast of the potential LPWA market opportunity. For Machina Research's expectations of market growth for LPWA and all other technologies, see the IoT Forecast Database.

For more details on the underlying forecast database, our methodology, segmentation and definitions please follow this link.  A definition of the metrics included in these LPWA forecasts can be found here.

Please note: Access to the this content is provided according to the license agreement between Machina Research and your company. Distribution of Machina Research content to third parties, including clients, prospective clients, partners, or any other company is strictly prohibited without Machina Research’s express permission. If you have any question about use of Machina Research data, please refer to the licence agreement with your company, or contact us at enquiries@machinaresearch.com.

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