Past Events

Machina Research analysts are regular speakers at key industry events, see our upcoming events

June 2016

31 May – 2 June : IoT Week Belgrade

Emil Berthelsen is Program Advisor for the Industrial Stream

IoT Week

6 – 9 June : TIA 2016 - Network of the Future, Dallas

Andy Castonguay will be moderating and speaking on the 6th June. 

TIA 2016

7 – 8 June : LPWA: the IoT networks event, Amsterdam

Machina Research is a partner for this event focused specifically on Low Power Wide Area networks. Aapo Markkanen, Machina Research's expert on LPWA will participate. 

LPWA: the IoT networks event

13 – 14 June : IoT Tech Expo, Berlin

Emil Berthelsen will be chairing Day 1 of the Connected Industry track in Berlin as well as moderating various panel discussions within that same track. 

IoT Tech Expo

14 – 15 June : Big Data Toronto 2016

Isabel Chapman will be joining the event as session moderator.

Big Data Toronto

14 – 16 June : IoT Global Innovation Forum, Barcelona

Machina Research is Analyst Partner at this event where Emil Berthelsen will be joining a panel discussion on “Obtaining and Leveraging Value from Big Data Analytics”. 

IoT Global Innovation Forum

15 – 16 June : CONNECTED BRITAIN 2016

Aapo Markkanen will be moderating a panel discussion on cybersecurity in a connected world. 

Connected Britain

21 – 22 June : Cloud and DevOps World Forum, London

Emil Berthelsen is Chair for the IoT Data and Analytics event

Cloud and DevOps World Forum

21 – 22 June : Future of Wireless International Conference, London

Aapo Markkanen will be joining a Round Table discussion on Wednesday 22nd June.

Future of Wireless International Conference

29 June : Venturefest 2016, Oxford

Matt Hatton will be taking part, covering the topic 'What is the Internet of Things and how can we use it?'

Venturefest 2016

29 June – 1 July : Mobile World Congress Shanghai

Jim Morrish will be moderating a discussion on IoT services and case studies while Godfrey Chua will be discussing IoT opportunities in Asia.

Mobile World Congress Shanghai

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