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May 2016

9 – 12 May : TM Forum Live!

Emil Bertelsen will speak and join a panel during the Internet of Everything Live! sessions on 10-11 May.

Internet of Everything Live!

10 – 12 May : IoT World, Santa Clara

Godfrey Chua and Andy Castonguay will chair sessions on smart homes, cities and healthcare.

IoT World

17 – 19 May : IoT Roadshow 2016, Toronto & Montreal

Isabel Chapman will be contirbuting to the event agenda of two Wavefront events in Toronto (May 17) and Montreal (May 19) as a speaker and panelist.

IoT Roadshow 2016

18 – 20 May : LPWAN Conference 2016, Paris

Aapo Markkanen will give the opening keynote, is chairing the second day, and is part of the scientific committee for the event. 

LPWAN Conference 2016

19 May : Webinar - Rumble in the IoT Jungle: Emerging Standards Take On Proprietary Solutions

Matt Hatton will be moderating the fourth webinar in InterDigital’s webinar series, discussing proprietary solutions vs. global standards in IoT. Taking part in the debate are SIGFOX North America President Allen Proithis and Ken Figueredo, founder of More-With-Mobile and expert in oneM2M. 

The webinar will take place at 11.00 Eastern, 16.00 UK, 17.00 Europe. 


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25 – 26 May : Geo IoT World, Brussels

Emil Berthelsen, Industrial & Enterprise IoT Stream lead here at Machina Research, will be actively involved in the session 'Transforming your business with Geo IoT' as the session chair, keynote speaker and panelist. The session will take place on May 26th at 2pm. 

Geo IoT World

25 – 26 May : Innovation & Technology Summit, London

Jim Morrish will be joining the event, presenting on M2M and IoT trends. 

Innovation & Technology Summit

25 May : Webinar - Enterprise IoT Will Disrupt Your Industry. Are You Ready?

Godfrey Chua and Autodesk Head of IoT, Bryan Kester will explain IIoT developments and the key trends that define the reality of the market today.

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31 May – 2 June : IoT Week Belgrade

Emil Berthelsen is Program Advisor for the Industrial Stream

IoT Week

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