Machina Research is the world’s leading provider of market intelligence and strategic insight on the rapidly emerging Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet of Things and Big Data opportunities


Through our multi-client Advisory Service and client-specific Custom Research we help our clients navigate the rapidly emerging Internet of Things, M2M and Big Data opportunities


Machina Research works with mobile network operators, device vendors, infrastructure vendors, service providers, regulators, and end users in the M2M, IoT, and Big Data space

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10 July 2018
Product teams need to be aware of potential disruptions as they emerge. Technology product managers ...
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05 June 2018
Technology product management leaders must use new technology tools and feedback mechanisms, including remote monitoring ...
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04 June 2018
Edge computing is becoming a top priority in the Internet of Things, adding a new ...
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IoT Market Analysts

Machina Research provides market intelligence and strategic insight on the newly emerging Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) and Big Data markets. Our IoT analysts’ research spans both quantitative data and qualitative analysis, including technical and commercial best practice in the emerging IoT landscape. As the leading industry analyst firm focused on the Internet of Things, Machina Research provides comprehensive support to any organisation interested in supplying IoT products and services, or implementing IoT in their business.

The IoT market is characterised by rapid change, growing both in terms of public interest and content. For most people, delving into the constantly changing IoT market can seem overwhelming to say the least. Machina Research provides comprehensive support to any organisation interested in IoT, helping to explain the complex topics within the IoT market.

IoT Market Research Trends

Our subscription-based Advisory Service consists of seven research streams, each focused on a different aspect of IoT or M2M systems. The seven steams are IoT Strategies, M2M Strategies, IoT Forecasts, M2M & IoT Regulation, Smarter Cars, Smart Cities, and Industrial & Enterprise IoT.

The IoT Forecasts Research Stream provides professional analysis of the various applications for the Internet of Things, along with our extensive country-by-country market forecasts of the connections, technology, traffic and revenue. Our M2M Strategies and IoT Strategies Research Streams focus on both technical and commercial best practice for suppliers in IoT. M2M & IoT Regulation provides detailed information and profiles of regulation around the world, within the Internet of Things. The remaining three streams look at the best ways our cities, car manufacturers and enterprises can deploy IoT and embrace the unique opportunities that it presents. Each research stream is supported by one of our industry-leading IoT analysts; in order to offer the best possible support service, your subscription to Machina Research includes direct access to these analysts, every step of the way.

IoT Consulting and Custom Research

For those clients with specific needs beyond what is covered in the Advisory Service, Machina Research also offers client-specific custom research and consulting. Our team of IoT analysts and consultants has a deep understanding of global market trends within the IoT and M2M industries, and can apply this knowledge directly to the tailored support that you need today. The scope of engagements might range from workshops, webinars and white papers, through to competitor analysis, M&A support and go-to-market strategies.

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